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We create timeless interiors tailored to each client’s lifestyle and vision.
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    Fine Interiors

    CG Allan Interiors offers a fully bespoke design experience centered on each client’s distinct needs and wishes, while also responding to existing features, context and environment. Each carefully considered design resonates with luxurious details, layers and nuance.
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    Interior Architecture

    Love how you live as much as where by reshaping an existing design into one that’s all yours. Moving walls to create a new floor plan within a current structure transforms the way you’ll move through, and experience, the space. Whether relocating a kitchen, enlarging a bathroom, merging bedrooms or adding compelling architectural elements, this service reveals each home’s potential to feel as wonderful as it looks, creating a perfect fit for how you live today.


Each CG Allan project tells a story, weaving unique details and objects to form a bridge between the personality and lifestyle of each client and their space.

Whether classical, transitional or modern, serving a specific function (think library, home office, spa retreat) or being more multi-purpose and versatile, all designs reflect the individuals who inspire them.

Just as the right shoe or accessory highlights an outfit, items specific to a client or space enhance each design. Thoughtfully curated and individualized pieces anchor every CG Allan signature interior, ensuring they endure beyond trends. With a focus on quality, effortless elegance and polished details, design elements speak to each other in a visual language that is both timeless and unique.

Our Streamlined Process


CG Allan is committed to ensuring each project is stress-free and enjoyable.

Skillful organization is key and, while there are endless possibilities in even the smallest project, all can be grouped under the following categories.
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    Project Scope

    This encompasses client goals, gives shape to dreams and sets a course to achieve them.
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    At the heart of every project is a focused idea of what story the design will visually tell. We guide clients through fun and collaborative explorations, distilling interests, histories and aspirations into engaging and highly personalized, layered designs.
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    We understand the trust involved in developing a budget that provides you with a realistic overview of everything involved in your project. We help set the scope and scale of every design.
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    Clear visual communication is vital to understanding final designs. Details large and small will be drawn up and discussed until plans and imaginings mesh.
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    Project Management

    We advocate and liaise on the client’s behalf, with hands-on management of every element, from site visits and delivery coordination to troubleshooting and installation.


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